Moving Hacks

Area rugs

Get your area rugs cleaned by professionals before you move. They will come back from the cleaners rolled up and it will be simpler for you to pack them.
Moving Hacks


Make a comprehensive list of all the furniture in your house. The inventory list will help you choose which furniture to keep and which to get rid of by selling, giving away, or donating. We can support you with high quality inventory lists to kepp your items sorted
Moving Hacks


Living things need air, light and water, so you should not put them in a moving truck. Check that your plant will thrive in your new house. Indoor plants are usually tougher, but some might react to different humidity levels in your new place.
Moving Hacks

Heavy Items

Put bulky things like books in little boxes and lighter things in bigger boxes. This helps movers arrange and load boxes into the moving truck. Make sure to pack heavier things on the lower part and lighter things on the upper part to prevent breaking fragile items.
Moving Hacks

Small Items

Always wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or paper. It is wise to cover the dishes with paper beforehand.

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Ready to move

Rights and Responsibilities

Valuation and Insurance

America Elite Movers has full insurance and authorization from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Highway Safety Administration (FMCSA). America Elite movers has a license as Household good carrier. We do not act as brokers.

U.S.DOT # 4148456

Inventory – What you’re moving?

For a precise moving quote, it's essential to provide an accurate assessment of the items you plan to move. This includes specifying the number and size of boxes, as well as detailing the appliances and furniture in your inventory. By evaluating your inventory together, we can estimate the necessary resources to ensure your move is efficient and seamless.

Distance – Where are you moving from and to?

The distance and travel time needed will factor into the calculation of your moving quote. We can initiate the estimation process once you provide a confirmed destination zip code

Optional Services

We provide various optional additional services, such as piano handling, full or partial packing, custom crating, extra pickups, and more. Kindly discuss your specific requirements with your relocation coordinator, allowing us to incorporate them into your quote.

Move Date

Planning a move during the peak season, particularly in the high-demand summer months, often results in higher moving costs. Reputable moving companies may be fully booked 2-3 weeks in advance. To secure your preferred date, it is strongly advised to schedule your move well in advance. Additionally, being flexible with your moving dates could potentially lead to discounted rates.

Other factors that may affect quote

Various factors involved in executing our move may or may not impact your pricing quote. Please inform our relocation coordinator if any of the following considerations may be relevant to your move.

  • Items involved in your inventory require special packing care (such as antiques or artwork)
  • No elevators can be accessed for the move (for the move-out or move-in building)
  • Items made of glass, stone or marble.
  • No direct access to the residence, i.e. Long carry

The following services are included at no additional costs in all long distance moves:

  • Complete door to door service
  • Expert advice and guidance throughout the move process.
  • Communicative and responsive customer service.
  • A written descriptive inventory
  • Basic disassembly of beds, tables, mirrors from dressers and other standard furniture required for safe movement.
    Loading and securing the cargo in our truck
  • Transportation to destination address
  • Complete wrapping of all furniture with commercial moving blankets and pads.
  • All transportation, long haul charges, taxes, tolls, mileage, and fuel surcharges.
  • Unloading items in their designated rooms at destination.
  • Reassembly of all items disassembled by the movers
  • Valuation coverage of .60 cents per pound per article at no charge with every quote.
  • No charge for packing tape and moving pads.

America Elite Movers takes extensive measures to prevent any loss or damage during the moving process.

As a full-service moving company, we providing our customers with two valuation options: Basic Liability Protection and Full Value Protection.

Basic Valuation : It is included in every move and all shipments automatically receive minimal protection at no extra cost, valued at 60 cents per pound per article.

Full Value Protection: If you choose Full Value Protection, please be prepared to cover the associated increased cost.

Another coverage option involves purchasing additional comprehensive, all-risk coverage from an independent insurance carrier. This level of coverage ensures proper protection for your items at every stage of the move, similar to having homeowner's or renter's insurance for possessions within your home.

Feel free to contact us for further details about Full Valuation Protection and other available insurance options.

America Elite Movers is dedicated to safe moving. By law, America Elite Movers is prohibited from moving hazardous items such as many household cleaning chemicals, fireworks and guns. If you have questions about the suitability of an individual household item, feel free to ask your move coordinator. Some items may be permitted only with proper packaging and labelling. Hazardous Items: Common household items are not safe for transport. For the safety of your family America Elite Movers cannot transport hazardous items, including explosives, flammable gases and toxic substances. Examples Include:
  • Aerosol cans or Ammonia
  • Ammunition or loaded guns
  • Car batteries
  • Charcoal/lighter fluid/ matches
  • Charged scuba tanks
  • Chemistry sets environment.
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Liquid bleach
  • Darkroom chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Nail polish/remover
  • Fireworks
  • Paint thinners/Paints/varnishes
  • Fuels/oils
  • Poisons/Pesticides
  • Pool chemicals
  • Propane tanks
  • Alcohol/Kerosene/Weed Killer
  • Household batteries
Keep in mind that these items are hazardous and must be disposed of properly to comply with federal, state and local laws and to protect the environment. Perishable items and plants: In long-distance moves, perishable food items and plants cannot be transported, as it could attract rats and other pests that might damage your property.

If you are moving less than 150 miles and your items will be delivered within 24 hours of pickup, agents may agree to transport perishables and plants that are properly packed and require no servicing in transit.”