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Our Local Moving Service

Our company provides local moving services in and around Houston. We aim to deliver a high-quality and stress-free moving experience every time. Our packing and moving service are also excellent! Local moving refers to moving within your state, whether it’s a short or a long distance. Local moving charges are based on the hours, staff, trucks and services needed. You can save some money by packing yourself, but we suggest you let us do it for you, as it won’t make a big difference in the cost.

America Elite Movers Meets All Your Needs

Keep in mind that each move is different and local moving services may vary. Moreover, the more you have to move, the more time it will take. But rest asured, we have your back. Our friendly and helpful relocation and support staff will be at your side throughout your move and provide you all information you need upfront. We offer quality work at reasonable prices. You can also visit our link to see the average cost of hiring a mover.

Local Packing and Moving Service

We understand that moving is not cheap. However, we make our local moving services affordable for all of our customers. If you’re dealing with a personal financial situation, we would be happy to speak with you to see if something can be done. Thank you for checking out our local packing and moving service.
Local moving services are anything from moving your furniture to the house next door or across the state. Local Moving Services America Elite Movers will handle all of the back-breaking work from disassembly to reassembly of furniture. Moving is labor-intensive. So, rather than renting a truck and doing it yourself, allow us to handle the load. All furniture will be wrapped and protected. You’ll also have the option of professional packing for all of your smaller items, such as clothes, books, and shoes. we will create a full inventory list of everything we load to help you make life easier.

General Rates

Local moving services are not the same for every move but when you move within your state, you pay by the hour. You can choose from different options, such as a full pack move or a self-pack move. We also offer storage as an extra service. We recommend you get a moving quote from one of our relocation coordinators, but we have some average numbers that will help you prepare and budget.


  • Hourly Rate : $120
  • Hourly With Full Packing : $150


  • Hourly Rate : $150
  • Hourly With Full Packing : $180


4 Movers
  • Hourly Rate : $180
  • Hourly With Full Packing : $200

Long Distance Movers-How it works

4 Easy steps to take when moving out of state

Local moving services vary. However, when moving within your state, the charges are based on an hourly basis. The options that you have to vary from a full pack move to a self-pack move. Storage is also an additional service that we offer. Although it’s always best to get a moving quote from one of our relocation coordinators, we’ve put together some general numbers that will help you plan and budget.


Create a Moving Plan

Create a plan, budget, and timeline for your move. Research the new state, city, and neighborhood.


Compare reputable movers

Find three reputable moving companies and compare quotes, read reviews and ask about insurance.


Start packing

Start packing and prepping for your move at least four weeks prior to your moving date. The sooner you prepare the better.


Update your address

Notify USPS of your address change, update your address with banks, credit card companies and other vendors.

We’ll make this whole moving thing easy for you


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